The Author

This is the most remarkable story of Evangelist Teresa Wairimu and a first class picture of how the Almighty God chooses His vessels. Teresa sat 1988 heart-broken in my meetings at Uhuru Park in Nairobi, Kenya. She had just gone through an ugly divorce and suffered deep rejection. But it was right there that the Lord picked her up and turned that broken vessel into a vessel of His great honor. The Holy Spirit became active in her life. Supernatural light shone into her “darkroom” and her present picture began to develop – negative into positive, black-and-white into full color. The cactus in the desert developed beautiful and bright blossoms, attracting people from everywhere.

Teresa passionately preaches JESUS. The Lord through mighty signs and wonders authenticates her ministry. She experienced the Holy Spirits and carries that burning torch the whole world – a true woman of God.

This book is compelling reading. It spans from her childhood till today, the nobility of earthly family and the legacy of her ministry. My heart was moved to read how Teresa found and reunited with her son Robert. It’s all about “coming home” – the lost son to the family and the lost world to Jesus Christ.

This is a “Must Read Book” Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

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